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 Narrative Environment 

City Branding:
Twin cities_Beijing and Tirana

01/12/2023 - 03/23/2023


Vitoria Coach Station:
Frankie Unexpected Journey

15/12/2013 - 20/01/2014

Designed by: Anna Horvath, Ching-wei Yang, Ethan Liu, Kuangyu Cheng


In this project, We created a persona in order to explore the possibilities for Victoria Coach Station and debated issues about obesity and multi-function furniture system use in the future.


Meet our Frankie - an obese, 32 year old American businessman. He has gone bankrupt and written off his car after a calamitous car crash. Frankie must travel to Brussels in a last ditch attempt to save his company - however, with no car and little money he must use the cheap east form of transport possible. This is a new experience for Frankie, having only ever used jets and trains to attend business meetings in the past.


Customers awaiting their coach are alerted to their departure time through a light warning system which changes from green to red to indicate the status of their coach. The flooring is formed by tiles which have been split up into 30x30cm squares that can be lifted up and down. The top surface can be changed according to the function(seat/table/floor).

The system gives travellers the option to decide about its locations and its functions (group/meeting/bed/working zone). Additionally the flexible seats and areas system is not only for the customers who want a private zone, but also for those who enjoy sharing their space with fellow passengers."

In The Body of Food

08/10/2013 - 08/11/2013


Designed by

Kuang-yu Cheng, Yi-Chun Cheng,

Cheng-Ju Chang, Ya-Chun Zhang(Miya),

Praneti Kulkarni

This project “the body of food” asks the question ”Where does the food come from and where does the food go?” within King’s cross regenerate site. By understanding the history we find out how food shaped the city and people’s lives. We are expected to design a banquet that invites people to think about how does food travel to and from our body and city. Food will work as glue to bring the community together.


We will evaluate this event in 2 ways.

First one is how people are engaged in this event, and if the information on food cycle inspired them to discuss this issue.

At the end of this banquet, everyone will be given a potted plant and they are invited to plant the seeds in invitation in it and give it to their friend as invitation. These plants can be harvest for next event. If they agree to do that, they can take the potted plant and sign up for the next event.

Event Storyboary Design
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