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Hoshing 1947 合興壹玖肆柒

Dihua Street, Taipei  2016

Brand direction by: KuangyuCheng Design

Interior by: KuangyuCheng Design

CI system by: Biaugust

Photo by: Kyle Yu

Product photo by: Numberxii

合興壹玖肆柒 是一個進駐台北市大稻埕迪化街上的一間承襲七十年的傳統中式糕點店,透過品牌轉型與空間整合的概念,希望闡述自身對於傳統產業結合創意演化的觀點,期望透過所提出的空間介質來建構敘事的場域,讓顧客可以在消費過程中逐步瞭解其品牌的精神。也希望透過自身所提出空間文本中所闡述的消費型態進而可以影響或是提升大稻埕區的商圈型態,讓傳統產業的文化在未來可以更多元更具永續性。


Hoshing1947 is a rebranding project taking place through an interior design that presents a store concept on Dihua Street, a historical district in Taipei, Taiwan. While advocating change, the store offers an interpretation of the place of tradition and creativity in the Taiwanese cultural landscape. Its draws on narrative and framing theories and analyses a consumer’s purchase preferences in order to create a narrative journey for the Hoshing1947 brand experience. Through being site- specific, we propose that this project can provide an opportunity for other local retailers to express their thoughts on the future of trade in the city and more widely.


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